Hot friends lick and finger each others coochies

Hot friends lick and finger each others pussys

Angel and Judy are the best of friends and while they are out walking, they get sidetracked kissing and rubbing each others tatas. They sit down on a bench on the side of a jogging path, move their panties aside and rub each others pussy’s with their fingers. Angel lays back as Judy rubs her clit and shoves a finger into her beaver. Its Judy’s turn to get her jugs licked and sucked and her gash fingered as well. Angel gets on her hands and knees as Judy sticks a finger into Angels behind and thrusts it in and out of her hole a couple times.

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My Alternative GF is back to give you this amateur rocker chick who surprised her boyfriend with this video by taking her panties off and showing him her nice cunt. Ok, so that will not surprise me if some wild hot slut like this one would show me her twat but this particular alternative hottie said her new BF wouldn’t expect her to show him any of her private parts (yet) since they’ve only been together for less than a week. But, uh, nah… I would not be surprised if a new girlfriend of mine would let me fuck her on our first date so, yeah, that is her showing me more than just a video of her stripping down and teasing me and my pet right here. But we can’t take away the excitement this horny babe has in store for us since she isn’t just showing this to her lucky boyfriend but to all fans as well. Oh, I think that fact will be the bigger surprise coz I think everyone else will be watching this sexy emo teen take her panties off and expose her pussy while her boyfriend is unaware. Ha! We’re the luckier ones, eh? So now do something about that bulge in your boxers and watch this kinky amateur babe flaunt her goods. This video is for all of us who wish that new girlfriends wouldn’t be all too uptight and just get on with the show and have a good time.

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Teen babes take turn licking each others pussys

Grace is having some problems with her studies so goes over and asks her friend Tara for some help, but this cute hotty has other things on her mind. She leans over and rubs up on Grace, goes in for a kiss and then as Grace is exposing Tara’s tits, Tara is rubbing her Grace’s hot box through her panties. These girls get naked and both have nice small boobies and clean shaven pussy’s. Grace lays back in the chair as Tara goes down behind her legs and licks her gash. Both girls have a bit of fun as they each takes turns licking and sucking on tatas, coochie and buttocks.

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